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Selling Your Home?

Topic Points:

  • What do I need to update?
  • What price range should I be in?
  • How do I make my choice?
  • Examples

Update Your Kitchen and Master Bath

When selling your home, your realtor may give you some tips on how to sell it as quick as possible. One of the biggest things that we hear; update your kitchen and master bath. These are the two areas that a family or person will spend most of their time. At Coastal Countertops & Tile, the most common thing we hear from our clients is, “my kitchen hasn’t been updated since the house was built years ago.” That’s where we come in!

What Price Range Should I be in?

We typically direct our customers to our Level 1 granites, the lowest price level out of your choices. This does not mean that you are looking at lower quality stones, it simply means that these are the granites that are most readily available and plentiful from the quarries. Usually our customers want to update their kitchen with a new stone for their countertops, but don’t want to invest a lot of money into the project since it is something that they will not be able to enjoy. It makes sense and we agree. However, we don’t want buyers to be weary of this subject. Many of our level one granite choices are just as beautiful as our others and another added bonus is that they are extremely easy to match if you decide to change flooring, paint or cabinets.

How do I Make my Choice?

Making the choice of your granite to update your kitchen for selling purposes can be difficult. It’s still a major decision that will be more permanent for a good amount of time for its next owner. The best way to look at it, is to remember that it is not something that you will be looking at every day. Do not choose the color of granite based on your preferences, look at it as what is the most neutral and applicable for the location of the home. Don’t forget, we’re here to help and we’re your guidance for choosing a great color to update the kitchen. This is our playing field, after all.

Check out a few of our recently completed kitchen updates for customers who are looking to sell their home. Contact us directly at 252-247-0015 or