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Stainless Steel Sink Use and Care

A stainless steel sink will retain its original finish and appearance if the sink is rinsed thoroughly and dried with a microfiber cloth after each use. Once a week, you may also clean the sink with a product called Bar Keepers Friend or even a specific stainless steel cleaner you find in any department store. Be sure to clean the sink along with its grain lines. Always rinse thoroughly and dry after each major cleaning. Do NOT use any abrasive sponges or brushes or any cleaners with harsh chemicals.

Scratching, Discoloration, Rust & Possible Pitting:

Like most metals, your stainless steel sink can scratch. Proper use and cleaning of the sink will help prohibit any deep scratching. You will want to avoid any cleaners that are high in chlorides such as bleach and other cleansers. They can leave water lines, cause rust or pitting. If these chemicals are used in your sink, it should be rinsed thoroughly and dried.

Cleaning pads, sponges, rubber mats, etc. that are left in the sink can cause discoloration. Steel wool pads should never be used in cleaning your sink. Steel wool will leave iron deposits in the grain lines that will rust and damage the sink. Continued use and cleaning in this manner will lead to rusting and pitting.

Do not allow a highly concentrated liquid detergent to dry on your sink. Chemical additives in certain cleaners can directly affect the original finish of the sink.

In areas with hard water, staining can form on the sink giving it the appearance of rust. This also occurs when your water is high in iron content. Additionally, if your water has a high concentration of minerals or over-softened water, a white film may develop on the sink and/or around the faucet area. To avoid this as well as continued build-up, rinse your sink thoroughly and dry after each use.

Kitchen Sinks

60/40 18 Gauge Steel Undermount

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50/50 18 Gauge Steel Undermount

Single Bowl 18 Gauge Steel Undermount

Bar Sinks

Single Bowl Undermount

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Single Bowl Undermount

18 Gauge 

Vanity Sinks

Oval Undermount Lavatory Sink

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Rectangle Undermount Lavatory Sink

Two sizes available