Come visit our newly expanded 3,000 sq. ft. Showroom & Slab Yard with 20+ color options!


Redesigned & Expanded Showroom

We’re expanding! Coastal Countertops & Tile is currently under construction, expanding our showroom from what it once was to an ultimate 3,000 square foot space! We are incredibly excited to share this journey with our Coastal customers. We are bringing in new lines of porcelain and ceramic tiles as well

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Ask those Questions!

Topic Points Why asking questions is important We’re not here to trick anyone If we don’t know, we’ll find out Set up a free consultation today Why asking questions is important. Remember your teacher always telling you “there’s no stupid questions”. Well, that’s true in the countertop and tile business

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Selling Your Home?

Topic Points: What do I need to update? What price range should I be in? How do I make my choice? Examples Update Your Kitchen and Master Bath When selling your home, your realtor may give you some tips on how to sell it as quick as possible. One of

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Getting to Know Granite

Topic Points Understanding the basics. Where should I use granite in my home? What are the benefits? Cleaning and caring for your granite. CTA: schedule a free consultation, measurement and estimate. Understanding the Basics Granite is extremely hard, durable and is resistant to damage and scratches. Granite comes in a

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